Emergency State Suspension / New Schedule

May the Peace of the Lord be with you all siblings!  How are you?  I hope well and healthy!

On May 25 (Monday) the Japanese government suspended the State of Emergency at all provinces of Japan. We give thanks to the Lord for such a great deliverance.  We went through this period and none of our siblings in our community was infected, there were no restrictions on our freedom of traffic and the Lord provided all our needs!

On the day of the end of our 7-week prayer campaign for deliverance and an to the end of this infection (May 21 / Thursday), the State of Emergency was suspended in our province (Aichi) and also in most of the country. Certain things are invisible to many, but I see it as a gift from God to us, anonymous intercessors!

Based on government guidelines to restart social activities, we would already be able to restart our meetings in the original format from June 1.  However, at this time of resumption, we will adopt a provisional agenda aimed at preventing contagion, as described below.

We ask that you continue to take precautionary actions such as not attending meetings if you have flu symptoms or if someone living in the same house has symptoms, wear a mask, sterilize your hands when entering and leaving the temple, try to sit in seats away from each other  and keep the temple windows open.

Because there is a possibility of attendance, there will no longer be live broadcasts of the meetings.  However, the summary of Sunday’s messages will be posted in a podcast on our home page (access the link below).


I look forward to everyone’s presence!  May the Lord bless you richly!


Weekly Schedule

  • Tuesday: Theology Class EN via Skype 20:30
  • Thursday: Prayer Service 20:00
  • Saturday: Theological Class 19:00
  • Sunday (Message and Prayer):
  • First Meeting: 9: 00-10: 00 EN / PT
  • Second Meeting: 10: 30-11: 30 PT

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