Inductive Bible Study


Studying the Bible can be a pleasurable activity. It does not have to be tiresome and complicated. It is an activity that anyone can do.

The Inductive Bible Study helps one to discover for himself the meaning of the Scriptures relating to his daily life.

In the Inductive Bible Study the reader seeks to find what the author meant, and does not impose his own feelings or opinions on the text.

There are three basic steps in an Inductive Bible Study: observation (uncovering the facts within the text); the interpretation (the meaning of these facts) and the application (acting from the conclusions reached), thus the study becomes dynamic and the applications very practical.

This method helps to propagate many groups of evangelism, communion, and growth in every environment of society: with friends, at school, in the factory, in the office, with neighbors or in the church.

The Inductive Bible Study will also help you study the Bible in person. Even if you are new to the faith, you can begin, and you will find out how much you will grow along the way.

Source: Ultimato Press / Synopsis of the book: The Inductive Bible Study

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