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On 13, 14 and 15 August of 2016 will hold summer seminars with the presence of Rev.Norman Hankins from Hawaii – USA. International Evangelist of Ambassadors For Christ since 1996. Interdenominational itinerant speaking ministry affecting thirty nations. Preach in diverse settings, teach in Bible Colleges, conduct Pastor Training Seminars and preaching the Gospel of Christ. He served as a local pastor in Hawaii for 16 years (1980-1996) and left his congregation to engage with global missions. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Asbury Theological Seminary (

Places: Anjo Church and Toyohashi Church.

Registration: confirmation of presence until 08.08.2016 (Monday).

Investment: ¥ 2,500 per day or ¥ 5,000 3 days / over 18 years. Adolescents between 12 and 17 pay a fee of ¥ 500 per day for expenses of meals.


SEMINAR FOR LEADERS (13/08/2016 – Anjo Church)

Theme: Pastoral Care ( 9:00-16:15 / with lunch break)

  • Ministerial Service: call, initiation, maturation.
  • Pastoral Ministry: concepts, cares with the pastor, genuine ministry, peculiar characteristics of pastoral ministry, kinds of relationships.
  • Overview of Pastoral Counseling: objective, strengths and weaknesses, stages, approach and counseling model.


ENCOUNTER OF THE CHURCHES (14/08/2016 – Toyohashi Church)

Theme: Revival and Mission ( 9:00-17:00 / with lunch break)

  • Revival: the realities of revival.
  • Missions: mission ignition.


SEMINAR FOR THEOLOGY STUDENTS (15/08/2016 – Anjo Church)

Theme: Contemporary Theology (9: 00-16: 15 / with lunch break)

  • Timeless Truth for Tough Times
  • Fundamental questions of life: identity, functionality, destiny.
  • Trends and traces of an uncertain church.
  • Morality: goodness in a world without God.
  • Ministry: relevance in a relative world.


We hope that these meetings be uplifting and promote growth and fraternal unity to the Body of Christ. Count with your prayers for three specific areas:

  1. For the Rev.Norman have a smooth and safe trip to Japan and his visit be fruitful;
  2. The protection and renewal of all those involved in the organization of events as well as all participants;
  3. So there is an atmosphere of peace and joy in the Lord over all our beloved church.

If you have any questions or need explanation contact the pastors of the local churches, responsible workers or by phone below.

May the Lord bless you mightily in Christ Jesus!

Pr.Luís Kendji G.Yasumura / Tel.090-4719-7682


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