XII Anniversary Celebration

Celebração do 12º Aniversário da IPRJ de Anjo

XII Aniversario da IPRJ de Anjo 2


On November 2nd we will celebrate one more year of existence of this church which has been richly blessed by our Lord Jesus. As pastors in this field since its founding we feel very happy for the privilege of serving in the care of this unique herd; filled with people full of God’s presence, cheerful, capable, humble, friendly and dutiful to our God.

We would like to thank firstly God, the author of our salvation, planner of the ministerial calling, and trainer who has made us for this sublime task; preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank each of our beloved brethren; leaders, companions of walking and work that with heavenly affection, solidarity, and fidelity have been working hard for the growth of this beloved and uniquely meaningful community. Our gratitude to presbyters, deacons, cooperators and workers. Similarly we are grateful to each member gathered and who have believed in God’s purpose here at this time. We thank the Renewal Presbyterian Church, our respected denomination, and MISPA, our mission agency, to provide the entire theological basis and the necessary support for ministerial service orientation. Thanks to the Renewal Presbyterian Church in Japan and all those who compose it, for companionship in this mission field.

Finally we are thankful to all those who contribute in some way to this holy work, praying, participating, offering, contributing with their gifts and talents, with time, resources, physical effort, hours without sleep, anyway; spending a part of your life for the cause of Christ in this mission field. May the Lord reward you with an everlasting, precious and imperishable reward. A crown of glory; legacy prepared for those who shall remain faithful until the end!

Congratulations to you Renewal Presbyterian Church of Japan in the city of Anjo. The Triune God may prosper you, to broaden your tent on Asian soil and shine upon thee the Sun of Righteousness with peace, prosperity and unspeakable joy until the coming of the Beloved of our souls; our Lord Jesus Christ!

May Our Lord bless you all!

Pr.Kendji and Miss.Ana Claudia

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