I Cross Cultural Project Anniversary 2011

I Cross Cultural Project Anniversary 2011

(International Service)

Renewed Presbyterian Church of Japan / Anjo City

We praise the Lord for the first anniversary of Cross-Cultural Project implemented in Renewed Presbyterian Church of Japan of Anjo City that will be celebrated next Sunday, November 13, 2011.

 Until the year 2010 the main focus of action were the Brazilians living in Japan. By the social and cultural barriers (including language), much of the Brazilian missions in Japan, has adopted this posture. However, by divine providence, a junction of factors enabled a step never before taken in this church in Anjo; the beginning of bilingual services (English and Tagalog).

 The Lord sent some Filipino brothers and sisters for our church and almost all of them are bilingual (speaking English and Tagalog). And not only this; many Asians that lives in this province, coming to Japan to work in Toyota and Sony industries, also speaks English. In this context, we started this project.

 In a year of activities, people from different parts of Asia approached to the church and have remained there. Our siblings Filipinos are predominant and great contributors to the success of this mission project together with Brazilians. There are not two churches with different ethnicities. God has transformed our identity; we became a multiethnic church and our vision is being driven to Asia.

 A week after the anniversary of this church, we celebrate another great victory. Congratulations to all siblings, since through God’s love, we are seeing the socio-cultural barriers get rid testifying that our Lord is the God of all nations!

 Pr.Luís Kendji G. Yasumura

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